From generation to generation, Ayurveda.

In an informative way, we can present Puro Ayurveda, where we can learn through workshops and various methodologies how to develop ourselves fully and seek help in the solution of many of our diseases, we can say that Ayurveda is much more than a teaching or a science, since it is something totally transcendental and we can develop it through the various teachings on the part of the rinshis (Sages) who have the duty to transmit this information.

Puro Ayurveda seeks as its main objective to advise and promote this ancient science with various aspects among society, based on different sizes and explanatory and understandable teaching methods, we can develop in this science as such and seek it as an ancient medicine, we bear in mind that although it is Medicine was developed or started more than five thousand years ago, science and modern medicine have accepted this traditional medicine, and it was also accepted by the World Health Organization in 2002.

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